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Burke Designs

We are a company whose focus is on the cinematic side of entertainment, advertising and corporate identity.

With every shoot and edit we strive to bring a piece of our younger selves. It’s that piece of us that remembers why we do what we do for our clients and why we love doing it! We bring the fun, we bring the creativity, and of course with that we bring the experience. With us, you will get personalization, not shortcuts. You will get a designed and finished product, not a one angled shoot and cut. But most important, you will get up front honesty from the proposal to the finished product.

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Video is our passion, it’s what we focus on and perfect. There are many areas of expertise and experience we can provide for you.


let's create something memorable.


Let's capture that perfect moment.


Let's brand your company with the video it deserves.

We bring design to your video

We take pride in our work


to be proud of


Years of experience

Rob started shooting when he was just a pup.


Happy customers

We aren't finished with your product until you're happy.


Aprox. hours shooting

When you're behind the camera as much as we are, it's easy to loose track of time.